Introducing the most powerful and durable wooden baseball bat. Used by Big League players.

A better way to play

Selected from the best beech wood available in the world, Mine Bats are the only ones with wood this good.

About our bats

  • Most durable wood

    With the most durable wood available, Mine bats break the least. If your Mine bat does break, it won't shatter, making our bats the safest in the game

  • Most power

    Our wood is the densest wood available in the baseball bat industry, meaning the most power possible with every hit.

  • Best feel

    With our proprietary Soft-Touch finish, each bat has a built-in grip. No tape or tar needed. This finish reduces vibration shock.

Our process

Mine Bats produces every bat in a hi-tech wood manufacturing facility in Italy. This factory uses the same equipment and finishing processes to produce high-end wooden rifle stock for the Olympic games.

  • Quality control

    Each and every Minebat is tested for its quality, just like a Ferrari before leaving the factory. This provides the most consistent bat available, guaranteeing a solid hit every time.

  • Materials

    We sort our wood by hand before producing every bat, making sure to make the bats from wood with the straightest grain possible, reducing the chance for breakage

  • From the forest to the field

    We control every step of the process, from sourcing wood in the European forests to drying the wood in the ovens to precisely milling each bat with robotic lathes, by applying our Soft-Touch finish coating, to our loyal customers and on to the field.

Don't take our word for it

The prime versions of these bats are sleek black with a finish that feels like the dashboard of a Ferrari.

If you’ve yet to hold a MINE bat in your hands you have missed out on an experience. These bats have every feel of something you’d expect to be branded as Italian made. The finish is smooth like the stock of a well made rifle.

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