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Frequently Asked Questions

European Beech Information

We truly believe that European Beechwood is the best wood to make baseball bats out of. Beech has the best combination of density, dent resistance, bending strength, and stiffness of all wood species - including Maple, Birch, and Ash.

In summary, it combines the density benefits of Maple with the stiffness qualities of Birch which results in a bat that can keep up with faster swing speeds and leave the bat hotter than you'll get from any other wood species. We have the option of using any wood species we like, but choose European Beechwood every time. 

If you want to check the specs of each popular wood species, we've linked them below:

- European Beech 

- Maple 

- Birch 

- Ash 

Beech, Birch, and even Maple are what we call a diffuse-porous wood species (also known as a closed grain wood). With contact/use the grains on a diffuse-porous wood species will continue to condense and harden making the bat more dense and the wood harder and less susceptible to breaks. Just as Birch hardens on use,
European Beech will continue to get hotter as you use it.


As you use the bat you'll begin seeing the grains/striations of the beech wood. This is common and exactly what you want to see out of your bat. Seeing the grains are a good indication that the grains in your bat are beginning to compress. As the wood grains compress, the bat takes on a higher density - and all things being equal, a ball will travel further when hit with a denser bat. Any dents you may be seeing are likely just dents in the paint finish that is on the bat and not necessarily on the wood itself. 


Ash, on the other hand, is a ring-porous wood species and will actually lose density and flake with extended

When using our bats you're going to want to hit with the logo facing up or down depending on if you're hitting left or right handed. You want to be striking the ball on the surface grain (tangential surface) which is the area of the bat that is one-quarter turn of the bat to the left of the logo when the logo is facing to the sky. That is the strongest surface on a beech wood bat just as it is with a maple or birch bat.

European Beech is the same type of wood species as Maple and Birch - diffuse porous (closed grain), so you'll hit the ball in the same manner you would use a bat made from one of those woods.

Baseball Bat Information

  • We make bats exclusively made from European Beech. Based on our understanding of wood, Beech has the best combination of density, dent resistance, bending strength, and stiffness of any wood (including Maple, Birch, and Ash).
  • Our bats are manufactured by extremely high-end machinery. We make bats at a factory using robotics and the latest state-of-the-art technology. We have multiple 5-axis lathes that can turn a bat in ways that few others can.
  • Unparalleled paint finishing capabilities. While most bat manufacturers either dip the bat in paint once, or spray/sand two layers on the bat, we are the only bat manufacturer that does up to 6 layers of spraying and sanding to our bats. We do this because we know that benefits of density - and having even a few more layers of coating leads to a slightly denser bat which can maximize ball distance.
  • Proprietary soft touch grip. Every one of our bats (pro, youth, and training) comes standard with a one-of-a-kind soft touch grip that reduces the need for pine tar or wraps on the bat. The grip also significantly reduces the vibrations caused from mis-hits and is the reason so many say our bats have the biggest sweet spot around.
  • "Pro-level” Billets are the only ones used regardless of bat: Pro, Adult, Youth, Trophy, etc. No mater what bat you get, every one will have the same quality standards as our pro-level bats do. If you want to be a pro, you need to train like a pro, and use pro wood!

Yes! We offer a one-of-a-kind Bat Finder Quiz that will have you answer a few questions and recommend the perfect bat for you at the end of the quiz. We spent a lot of time putting the quiz together, and we're so confident in the quiz that you'll be given a $30 off discount towards your bat for completing the quiz!

At this point we do not offer any customization to our bats aside from choosing which of our two color options you would like. The main reason we do this is because we have such tight standards and criteria when we make our bats that adjusting anything (the knob, taper, barrel, cup) will result in a different bat turn than the one that we have put so much time into perfecting. We have spent hundreds of man-hours testing and checking the performance of each of our bats. Our belief is that we have created the best version of every bat model that we offer, and by allowing customization we would have less control on the quality of the bat produced. 

Yes! We will soon have the option to include an engraving request when you go to purchase your bat, but for the time being, if you would like to have your bat engraved, just reply to the order confirmation email that you receive and let us know the name you would like engraved on the bat. We charge a flat fee of $15 for bat engraving and can do either a standard block font, or a script font.

Yes, we ink-dot all of our bats. The ink dot test is a standard used in professional baseball to ensure the quality and durability of wood bats. By applying an ink dot to the handle of the bat, we can clearly see the wood grain's slope which must be less than 3 degress. A straight grain pattern, as indicated by the ink dot, signifies a stronger and more durable bat. This process ensures that each bat meets the highest standards of quality, providing you with a bat that performs exceptionally and lasts longer.

European Beechwood is an approved wood species that can be used in the MLB. We were part of the group that worked with the MLB to get European Beech approved as a wood species. At this point, Mine Baseball is not an approved manufacturer for the MLB. Our bats were approved for MLB use from 2014-2016 - but each season requires a substantial licensing fee, and we made the temporary decision to take that monetary amount and focus on improving our products and expanding our brand across the USA. We plan to pay the fee and get back into the MLB within the next two years.


Although our bats are not currently MLB approved - we still require very strict criteria in the billets that we turn our bats from. All of our bats must have a slope-of-grain of less than 3 degrees, and by dried to a moisture content of 12%. Our bats are turned to the exact same specs every time. 



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  • We offer a 30-day return policy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, initiate a return within 30 days to receive a full refund.
  • Returns can be made using any box you have available.
  • All products must be returned without any use markings to be eligible for a refund.

We offer standard ground and expedited shipping options via UPS. All expected delivery dates are shown at checkout. We ship every day, and you can receive a bat as early as the next day if needed. Standard ground shipping typically delivers within 3-5 business days.

Yes, we now ship directly to Canada! After resolving duty complications, we are excited to offer seamless shipping to our Canadian customers. The final price is shown at checkout, and all orders are delivered within 3-5 business days. Enjoy hassle-free shipping and get your Mine Baseball products quickly and efficiently.

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Pricing, Warranties & Returns

Yes! We are proud to offer an industry-best 6 month warranty on all bat breaks. There is no other company making bats out of a single piece of wood that tops the Mine Baseball warranty. 

If you ever get a break, send an email to with the following information:


1) Picture of the broken bat with a close-up of the break and pictures of the barrel from all 4 sides. 

2) Quick description of any details you can remember from what caused the bat break 

3) Order number 

4) Do you want the same bat as a replacement? 

5) Do you want the bat shipped to the same address? 

Once you get us this information, we’ll get you a replacement bat out right away.  

Our warranty covers 1 bat break.

Yes, we offer discounts on multiple bat orders. Discounts are automatically shown at checkout as more bats are added to the cart. Additionally, you can explore our pre-set bundle options here to take advantage of even larger discounts.

For academies, leagues, and resellers, we provide special programs for bulk purchases. The minimum order to be eligible for these programs is 20 bats. For more information, please email us at with details about your organization and your needs.