About Us

We can't magically make you hit a baseball. 

But what we can do is get a masterfully-crafted wood baseball bat in your hands that is engineered to hit the ball further, break less, and feel better.

Who we are?

We’re a small team of engineers and wood suppliers who have combined the perfect wood with precise mechanical engineering to weight a bat that is balanced, smooth, hits the ball further, and breaks less than any other wood bat.

The reason you haven’t seen beech wood in other bats is that it’s hard to supply. But we have the relationships to bring you the finest beech wood from Europe to America at prices that you can afford.

We’re a family-owned, family-run business. 

Our bats are manufactured with high end robotics in Italy and we are based out of Dallas Texas.

We sell directly to you to keep our costs low, and provide you with the absolute best experience you can have with a wood bat.