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Our Purpose

10 bats purchased = 1 bat donated

Bats Donated

Listen to our CEO, Pete O’Brien, discuss why this became our purpose and how your help makes a real impact on lives

Listen to our CEO, Pete O’Brien, discuss why this became our purpose and how your help makes a real impact on lives
You purchase a bat. We set 1 bat aside for every 10 we sell
Once we collect 20 bats, we send them to one of our partner organizations
Our partner organization distributes the bats out to their underserved community
The playing field is now level for one more team

How you can help

buy a bat
For every 10 bats that are purchased, we set one aside to be donated to one of our partner organizations. Just by believing in our company, you’re helping to change the lives of players across the country. It’s our mission to help out the underserved baseball communities, and we are able to do that thanks to you!
Donate a bat
On this page there is an option to donate any amount towards a bat. For every $100 that has been donated, we will set a bat aside to be sent to one of our partner organizations. When we send the bat to the organizations, we’ll include a note with the first name and last initial of every person that contributed towards that specific bat donated.
Donate directly to our partners
Supporting Baseball’s Underserved Communities is a big task. If you feel compelled to help an organization in a more direct way, we’ve included links to everyone we work with below. Each organization would be thrilled to have you support them in your own unique way!
Learn More About The Base
The Base (Boston), Boston, MA
The BASE is an urban academy that leverages sports as a vehicle to engage youth in a positive, success-driven culture. With high-quality athletic training, coaching, and competition, paired with personalized academic support, we cultivate and highlight urban talent and build pathways to college, career, and success in life.
Learn More About BaseABLE
BaseAble, Freehold, NJ
BaseABLE’s mission is to provide and encourage an inclusive environment for individuals with mental or physical disabilities to play baseball.
Learn More About The Base
The Base (Chicago), Chicago, IL
The BASE Chicago re-imagines pathways to success for urban youth by combining sports and academic opportunities with a distinctive methodology rooted in excellence, belief and love. The organization provides a range of programming including academic/STEM tutoring, violence prevention and life skills, healthy lifestyle guidance and high-quality baseball and softball skills training.
Learn More About Guzman23
Guzman23 Foundation, Dallas, TX
To provide financial assistance to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as well as their families or loved ones when finances and/or basic medical insurance coverage are unavailable.