8% Harder than Maple & Birch

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The Mine Baseball Fungo may be the lightest and most powerful Fungo ever made. This Fungo comes standard with our soft touch technology throughout the bat. The soft touch barrel helps you put backspin when you line drives and fly ball or add topspin on grounders to the infielders. The soft touch grip on the handle will make sure you never lose grip as your hands get sweaty and minimizes vibration on the bat.

All of our bats are made exclusively with European Beech which is denser than Maple, Birch, or Ash to maximize the pop to drive the ball deep into the gaps. Our Fungos are made with the same premium wood standards that we use on our bats. Most manufacturers use their worst wood on Fungos - not us. If you're looking for the highest quality Fungos with the highest quality wood, you've found them here at Mine Baseball.


Free shipping on all orders within the Continental USA. Orders to Hawaii and Alaska have a flat $19 shipping fee.

Free returns within 7 days as long as the bat is unused, unmarked, and in its original packaging. If you would like to start a return, reply to the order confirmation email that you receive after purchasing your bat and let us know you would like to make a return.

All bats come with a one-time 6 month bat break warranty. If your bat breaks send an email to bats@minebaseball.com with the following information:

1. Picture of the broken bat with a close-up of the break and pictures of the barrel from all 4 sides.

2. Quick description of any details you can remember from what caused the bat break

3. Order number

4. Do you want the same bat as a replacement?

5. Do you want the bat shipped to the same address?

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diamond hard barrel finish
Maximum Density for Maximum Distance
Our Diamond Press technology densifies the wood using a proprietary compression process, resulting in a bat that performs at maximum power right out of the box. We also paint and sand more times than anyone for barrel completely free of any imperfections.
soft touch handle grip
Increase Feel and Minimize Vibration
Swing freely knowing every bat comes with our proprietary soft touch grip on the handle. These grip minimizes the vibrations you’ll feel from mis-hits.
MLB wood billets
More Pop and More Durability
We only use premium graded European Beechwood billets using the standards set by MLB for their pros. Premium billets result in bats that break less and feel better.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
PKS (United States)
Love the grip

I love the built in grip of the Mine fungo. The strong European beech wood gives a great feel and I hope good durability as well.

Mike C.
best bat Ever put in my hands

I have purchased several bats for my nephews and now will begin for my Grandsons. I had the Fungo for 7 years till someone "stole" it from the field. Yes, some "Daddy" took the bat. My nephews were successful with MINE bats, great wood and if you played the game you know that "feel" means everything!!! Wish MINE was around during my career. Job well done!

DaRond S.
Bats are Legit!

I just wanted to order two bats for now, one fungo and one youth bat. These bats are pretty legit! I’ve never spent this much on bats since retiring :)