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Oval Training Bat
Oval Training Bat
Oval Training Bat
Oval Training Bat
Oval Training Bat
Oval Training Bat
Oval Training Bat
Oval Training Bat
Oval Training Bat
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Us vs Them

Us vs Them

3 Reasons You Need This Bat

3 Reasons You Need This Bat

How To Use

How To Use

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Fix Swing Path
Focused Precision
Use with Baseballs
Target Zones
Beechwood Strength
Game Bat Feel
Product Description

Oval Bat: Elevate Your Hitting Game

Are you ready to upgrade your training and become a better hitter as soon as you step up to the plate? The Oval Bat is more than just equipment—it's a precision-engineered tool crafted to sharpen your hitting mechanics and boost your power. Designed for players committed to excellence, the Oval Bat ensures that every practice swing takes you closer to perfection. Invest once and reap the benefits season after season. Discover why the Oval Bat is a crucial part of any hitter's arsenal:

Why You NEED the Oval Bat:

  • Optimized Swing Path: The Oval Bat's distinct design enhances your swing path, reinforcing muscle memory for that perfect arc. Mis-hits stand out, making corrections clear and progress rapid.
  • Precision Barrel Control: Equipped with target zones, the narrow side delivers immediate feedback on hitting accuracy. Training with the Oval Bat makes handling your game bat feel like second nature.
  • Compatible with Real Baseballs: Forget the hassle of special balls; our Oval Bat excels with the real deal, allowing for a more authentic training session.
  • Authentic Bat Experience:  With weight and balance that replicate your game bat, the Oval Bat provides a smooth transition from training swings to game-day at-bats. Choose from a 33" drop 3 or a 30" drop 5 option.
  • Prevent Rolling Over: Its design offers stark feedback on mis-hits, intuitively guiding you to adjust and correct your swing, preventing the common error of rolling over.
  • European Beechwood Build: Made from the finest European Beechwood, this bat is praised for its durability and lively 'pop,' designed to endure countless training sessions.
  • All-Encompassing Training: The Oval Bat is your all-in-one training partner for tee work, soft toss, and live pitching, adapting to every drill and every challenge.

Bonus Offer:

Purchase your Oval Bat now and gain access to our exclusive 9-part hitting drill series. These drills are crafted to accelerate your mastery of the Oval Bat and enhance your hitting sessions.


Important Note:

The Oval Bat, while robust, is fine-tuned for use with real baseballs, mirroring the in-game hitting experience. The flat side is ideal for tee work, while the narrow side can tackle a range of training scenarios, including soft toss and high-speed pitching machines. Embrace this innovation and make the Oval Bat the foundation of your skill-building journey.


Sizing Recommendations:

  • For Youth Players: Begin with the 30" bat to foster the development of sound mechanics. Its balanced design is perfect for up-and-coming hitters.
  • For Seasoned Athletes: The 33" bat is your training ground for mastering swing path and barrel precision.
Are you prepared to take your hitting to new heights? The Oval Bat by Mine Baseball is the key to a transformative practice. Step up to the plate with confidence—your best swing awaits.




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Thank you for choosing Mine Baseball for your swing training needs. We're confident that the Oval Bat will make a significant difference in your game!

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One-of-a-Kind Design
Unique Training Hybrid
Enjoy the benefits of flat and skinny bats in one innovative tool. Our Oval Bat's patent-pending design merges the best of both worlds, saving you the expense and hassle of multiple training bats. Its unique oval shape elevates your training, enhancing swing path and precision without the need for extra equipment.
Real Ball Compatibility
Train with Baseballs
Our Oval Bat stands up to the real deal. Designed for durability, you won't need special, costly balls—this bat is built for the real thing. From tee work to hitting machines, the Oval Bat maintains its integrity, giving you the authentic feel of in-game hitting across all training methods.
Practice Like You Play
Swings Like Your Gamer
Forget training bats that feel like toys. The Oval Bat's weight and feel mimic your game bat to ensure meaningful practice. No shortcuts, no easy swings—this bat demands your best effort. Transition to your game bat and experience a newfound ease; the barrel will seem larger, and your confidence, unshakeable..
Game-Changer Bat
"Most training bats just don't cut it; they feel like toys. With the Oval Bat, every swing has to be precise. When I switch back to my gamer, the barrel feels massive, and I'm hitting everything."
Chris J.
Team’s Training Essential
"I've struggled to find something that stops players from rolling over until the Oval Bat. It highlights their misses dramatically, allowing them to adjust naturally. Since we've started using it, our team's batting averages have soared."
Coach Matthews
Dad Approved
"My son’s training products add up, especially the special balls. The Oval Bat is the all-in-one solution we needed. It's saved us hundreds and offers more benefits than any other tool we've tried."
Derek T.
Experience the Difference: With its advanced design, the Oval Bat offers a superior training experience, correcting swings intuitively and transitioning seamlessly to game day.
The Oval Bat
Training Bats
Dual-Sided Functionality
Real Bat Feel
Use Real Baseballs
Target Zones
Versatile Training
Natural Swing
Patent-Pending Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? We've got them!
Is It a Flat Bat?

No, the Oval Bat transcends the traditional flat/half bat design. It's a specialized training tool that incorporates the benefits of both flat and skinny bats into one innovative, patent-pending product. With its oval-shaped barrel, it offers a two-pronged approach to batting training—enhancing your swing path with one side and fine-tuning your precision hitting with the other. It’s specifically crafted to address various aspects of hitting that flat bats simply can’t, making it a comprehensive training tool for serious hitters.

How Will It Improve My Swing?

The Oval Bat is meticulously engineered to improve your swing. By utilizing the bat's oval design, hitters receive instant feedback on each swing—good or bad. The wider side reinforces a proper swing path, while the narrow side with target zones ensures precise barrel contact. This design helps in correcting common flaws such as rolling over or undercutting the ball. Regular practice with the Oval Bat instills muscle memory and swing mechanics that translate directly to improved performance during games.

Can I Use Real Baseballs?

Yes! One of the standout features of the Oval Bat is its compatibility with real baseballs. Unlike many training bats that are limited to specialized training balls, the Oval Bat is built to withstand the impact of real baseballs. This compatibility allows for a more authentic hitting experience during practice, making the transition to a game bat in live situations smoother and more natural.

What If It Breaks?

Our confidence in the Oval Bat’s durability is backed by a robust 6-month warranty. We understand the investment you make in your training equipment, and we stand behind our product. In the rare case that your Oval Bat breaks under normal usage conditions within this period, rest assured that we will replace it, keeping your practice sessions uninterrupted and your mind at ease.

Why Red Target Zones?

The target zones on the Oval Bat are intentionally designed to show wear. This feature serves as a visual feedback mechanism, helping hitters identify the point of contact. When you hit within these zones, the markings provide a clear indication that you’re making contact in the optimal area, reinforcing positive swing habits. As these zones mark up over time, they become a record of your hard work and progress. Hit within zone 2 & 3 for maximum effectiveness.

Can you send me some drills?

Yes! We include a comprehensive 9-part series of drills to fast-track your training and maximize the effectiveness of your new bat right out of the box. Scan the included QR code or check your email!

How Fast Will It Ship?

All orders are processed with the utmost urgency, ensuring that your Oval Bat arrives swiftly, typically within 3-5 business days.


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Lucio G. (United States)
Oval trainings Bat

My grandson was been practicing with it quite a bit. He has hit 2 home runs with the other bat I purchased as well.

Patrick (United States)
Super bat

The best bat for true connection on a baseball (the oval side) One of the best training tools made so far. Coach Nunes tips are great also

Chris M. (United States)
One of the best hitting tools out there

I got the 30 -5 model for my 12U player, and the versatility of this bat is unmatched. He loves being able to use real baseballs as he works his contact and bat path seamlessly during practice, and he can also use it before games.

Oval Training Bat

Oval Training Bat

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