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RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
RBI Pro Swing
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Us VS Them

Us VS Them

3 Reasons You Need This Tool

3 Reasons You Need This Tool

How to Use

How to Use

What Coaches Are Saying

What Coaches Are Saying

Quick Hands
Audible Feedback
Fits All Ages
Increases Power
Muscle Memory
Build Confidence
Product Description

RBI Pro Swing: Revolutionize Your Training

Don't just feel your improvements—hear them. The RBI Pro Swing’s unique "swoosh" sound provides instant auditory feedback, sharpening your swing with every motion. Whether it's a compact swoosh for quick hands, a more extended sound, a deeper swoosh, or a swoosh that comes out front, indicating timing—every sound is a lesson. Elevate your training and fine-tune your skills like never before. Listen, adjust, and conquer the plate. Buy more than 1 size and save big!

Why You NEED the RBI Pro Swing:

  • Audible Feedback: Instantly hear what you're doing right or wrong, refining your swing in real-time. 
  • Swing Correction: Unlike traditional weights that worsen bad habits, our tool actively corrects your swing.
  • Versatile Training: Available in four weights—9oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz—to match your unique training needs.
  • Unlock Quick Hands: Struggling with getting your hands through the zone? Say goodbye to that problem forever. Our tool is specifically engineered to help you master the art of quick hands.
  • Explosive Power, Instantly: Why wait to unleash your full potential? Feel and hear the immediate impact on your power game as you swing.
  • No More Complications: Enough with complicated, expensive training tools that take ages to set up and understand. The RBI Pro Swing is easy to use, easy to understand, and starts delivering results the moment you swing.


Order now and receive an exclusive email featuring four critical drills by renowned hitting coaches to maximize your RBI Pro Swing benefits.

Important Note:

While the RBI Pro Swing is highly durable, it is designed for use with wiffle balls. Using it with real baseballs or softballs or even foam training balls more than 1oz can cause it to split open.

Sizing Recommendations:

  • Athletes under 10: Go for the 9oz to start.
  • First-time Users: The 12oz is a great entry point.
  • Advanced Athletes: Once you've mastered the swoosh with lighter weights, level up to the 16oz or 20oz for increased difficulty.

Ready to unlock a new level of batting performance? Get your RBI Pro Swing and let's make every swing count! Ships within 3-5 business days.



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Thank you for choosing Mine Baseball for your swing training needs. We're confident that the RBI Pro Swing will make a significant difference in your game!

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Promotes quick hands and compact, strong swings through instant "swish" feedback. Builds muscle memory, ensuring energy is transferred at the impact point for powerful hits.
Fits most baseball and softball bats with four weight sizes. Serves as both a swing trainer and an on-deck weight, making it ideal for players from little league to pros.
Engaging design with immediate sound reinforcement makes practice enjoyable. Helps in developing confidence and consistency in hitting, leading to strong and precise impact.
Better Than Regular Weights
Traditional weights can’t compare. The immediate feedback refined my swing. My average and power numbers have all increased.
Brian S.
Quick Swing Mastery
The ‘swish’ helped me master my swing quickly. I’ve never felt this connected and confident at the plate before.
Tim H.
Boosted Son’s Confidence
My son’s swing has transformed. This tool’s feedback enhanced his power, but more importantly, it enhanced his confidence!
James R.
Revolutionize Your Game: Transform every swing with instant feedback, versatile use, and unique design - Let every hit resonate success.
Batting Weights
Batting Weights
Instant Feedback
Versatile Use
Age Flexibility
Fun Practice
Sound Reinforcement
Compact Swing
Enhanced Precision

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? We've got them!
Isn't this just another swing weight?

No, the RBI Pro Swing is much more than a traditional swing weight. It features a patented 4-chamber design filled with BB shot that provides immediate audio feedback. This allows you to fine-tune your swing for quicker hands and better contact through the zone.

It's also designed to offer tailored guidance based on your specific needs. For example, if you struggle with grounders or an uppercut swing, the audio feedback will help you identify when to make contact for better results. If you have a downward, choppy swing, the swoosh sound will guide you to adjust the timing of your swing for optimal contact. This adaptability makes it an essential tool for improving various aspects of your swing.

How do I know if I'm using the RBI Pro Swing properly?

The tool's audio feedback is designed to guide you. A quicker, tighter swoosh sound indicates that your swing is on time through the zone. This swoosh can be customized to focus on specific areas of your swing that need improvement, making the tool versatile for players at all skill levels.

Is the RBI Pro Swing suitable for all ages?

Yes, we offer the RBI Pro Swing in 4 different weights, making it suitable for players of all ages. Younger players can start with lighter weights to master the concept of quick hands, and more advanced players can use heavier weights to perfect their "feel" before stepping up to the plate.

Can I use the RBI Pro Swing in drills?

Absolutely! Unlike many other swing tools, the RBI Pro Swing can be used in hitting drills, adding an extra layer to your training. Use with wiffle balls for soft toss or other specialized drills, this tool is a game-changer.

Important note: do not use with baseballs, softballs, or even soft foam training balls greater than 1oz. They will likely cause the RBI Pro Swing to break open.

What's the warranty and return policy?

If the tool breaks within the first 6 months, we will replace it free of charge. If you're not satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, you can return it for a full refund.

How Fast Does My Order Ship Out?

All RBI Pro Swings ship swiftly, aiming to be delivered within 3-5 business days!


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Alice K. (United States)

Just got the RBI Pro Swing, seems like it is built well. I am looking forward to seeing all the feedback it gives my son while training.

Israel S. (United States)
Broke easy

Liked the product but it got stuck on the bat and when we finally got it off it cracked.


Item broke with in 2 hours

RBI Pro Swing

RBI Pro Swing

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