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Model: Power
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Why This Bat?

Why This Bat?

College Players Review

College Players Review

What Players Say

What Players Say

Natural Power

Natural Power

Hard Easy
base hits bombs
Small / experts only huge
Product Description

The Balanced bat is designed with all players in mind. Inspired by the classic 110 turn, this bat comes with a flared knob and taper which makes the bat feel lighter than most turns due to its long, slow taper from barrel to handle. This is the perfect bat for players swinging wood for the first time or anyone who is just looking for a faster bat.

Inspired by the MT27 turn, the Power bat is designed for your experienced wood bat hitter and is the preferred choice for power hitters. With a large barrel and medium handle, you're getting a sharp transition which puts even more mass in the barrel and gives this bat a great end-loaded feel. If you want to maximize the mass in the barrel while still maintaining some control, this is the bat you'll want to go with. With this bat, you're taking full advantage of the power of beech wood! 

The Balanced EL bat is crafted for players who prefer a classic knob design. Taking inspiration from the renowned 271 turn model, this bat features a conventional knob paired with a precise taper from barrel to handle, offering a touch more end-load compared to our standard Balanced bat. If you're in the market for an exceptionally well-balanced bat and have a preference for a traditional knob, look no further—this is the go-to choice.

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Outlast the Rest
Superior Beechwood Durability
Our top-grade European Beechwood bats surpass Maple and Birch in durability tests, proving to be 8% harder to break. Trust in the power of Beechwood for enhanced longevity and a game-changing experience.
Stiffer, Stronger Hits
Maximize Energy Transfer
European Beechwood's stiffness outperforms Maple, ensuring more energy is retained at the point of contact for powerful hits. Forget the myth that more flex is better; embrace the strength of Beechwood for superior performance.
Less Sting, More Precision
Enhanced Beechwood Sweet Spot
European Beechwood provides a larger sweet spot compared to Maple and Birch, reducing vibration and sting in your hands. With more even energy distribution, you'll enjoy a comfortable grip and greater accuracy on every hit.
Hottest Bat I Have
I have around 30 wood bats. Out of all the bats I have in my vast collection, this one was easily the fastest, hottest, and best hitting experience I’ve ever had with a wood bat!
Michael B.
Never Again Maple
I’ve used maple bats in the past and I never will again. You can truly feel the difference in quality in these incredible bats!
Paul F.
Farthest I’ve Hit in 20+ Years
In my first game my new bat I hit the ball further than I have in 20 years. I’m recommending these bats to everyone.
Matt O.
The future of wood bats: unparalleled durability, performance-enhancing Beechwood, and ready to elevate your game - on any field, overnight.
Pro Beech MineBaseball Bat
Competitor Brands
Unmatched Beechwood Performance
All Bats use Pro-Grade Wood
Humidity-Controlled Storage
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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? We've got them!
Why Beech?

We truly believe that European Beechwood is the best wood to make baseball bats out of. Beech has the best combination of density, dent resistance, bending strength, and stiffness of all wood species - including Maple, Birch, and Ash. In summary, it combines the density benefits of Maple with the stiffness qualities of Birch which results in a bat that can keep up with faster swing speeds and leave the bat hotter than you'll get from any other wood species. We have the option of using any wood species we like, but choose European Beechwood every time.

What Makes Your Bats Special?

1. Our bats are crafted exclusively from European Beech, which boasts the best combination of durability, energy transfer, and sweet spot among all woods, as confirmed by independent lab studies.

2. We use "Pro-Grade" billets for all bats, maintaining pro-level quality standards regardless of the bat type.

3. Our industry-leading 6-month bat break warranty boosts your confidence at the plate and ensures a replacement if needed.

4. State-of-the-art technology and robotics, including multiple 5-axis lathes, ensure precise and high-quality manufacturing.

5. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering free shipping and returns if you're not satisfied with your bat's look or feel.

Does Beech Get Hotter With Use?

Beech, Birch, and Maple are diffuse-porous wood species (or closed grain woods). With use, their grains condense and harden, making the bat denser, harder, and less prone to breaks.

European Beech also gets hotter with use, similar to Birch. As you use the bat, you'll notice the grains/striations, which indicate grain compression.

Compressed grains result in a higher density bat, allowing the ball to travel further when hit.

Do you Offer a Bat Break Warranty?


We're proud to provide an industry-leading 6-month warranty on all bat breaks.

No other company crafting single-piece wood bats offers a warranty like Mine Baseball.

If your bat breaks, email with:

1. Photos of the broken bat (close-up of the break and barrel from all four sides).

2. A brief description of the break's circumstances.

3. Your order number.

4. Whether you want the same bat as a replacement.

5. If the replacement bat should be shipped to the same address.

Once we receive this information, we'll promptly send you a replacement.

Our warranty covers one bat break.

Can I Customize My Bat?

Currently, we do not offer any customization to our bats apart from adding an engraving.

We maintain strict standards and criteria for crafting our bats, and altering any aspect (knob, taper, barrel, cup) would result in a different bat turn than the one we've perfected. We've dedicated hundreds of hours to testing and optimizing the performance of each bat model.

Our belief is that we have created the best version of every bat model we offer, and allowing customization would reduce our control over the quality of the bat produced.

How Fast Does My Order Ship Out?

Our in-stock bats ship swiftly, aiming to be delivered within 3-5 business days!

If a bat is not in stock, you might see a "pre-order" option. When selecting this option, an estimated ship date will be provided next to the pre-order choice.


Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
Katie W. (United States)
Broke in third game

We loved this bat! But then it broke in his third game of the first weekend out….sad!

Michael G. (United States)
Broken after 3 weeks

Solid bad but broke so easily

Shannon M. (United States)
Naked review.

This bat had a small barrel and would sting my sons hands every time he would hit a ball.


The Natural

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