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The Future Star Combo
The Future Star Combo
The Future Star Combo
The Future Star Combo
The Future Star Combo
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Us VS Them

Us VS Them

3 Reasons Beech is Better

3 Reasons Beech is Better

Our Bats In Use

Our Bats In Use

What Athletes Are Saying

What Athletes Are Saying

European Beech Wood
Premium Built-in Grip
Largest Sweet Spot
Very Durable
Hot Out-of-the-Box
Six Month Warranty
Product Description

Future Star Combo: The Ultimate Youth Training Package

The Future Star Combo is the ultimate setup for the aspiring young athlete ready to transition their talent into serious skill. This comprehensive package includes a top-tier youth wood bat in either a drop 8 or drop 5 weight, a finely crafted fungo for practice precision, a complete set of our revolutionary RBI training tools, and the signature Mine Baseball snapback trucker hat to cap it all off.

Why the Future Star Combo Sets the Bar:

  • Youth Wood Bats: Choose between -8 for players aged 7-12 or -5 for those aged 12-15, our bats are designed for those in transition, eager to elevate their game with a professional feel.
  • Practice Perfection with a Fungo: Our lightweight, power-packed fungo bats are the best for coaches to hit grounders and pop flies, facilitating skillful fielding practice for players.
  • RBI Training Tools: A set of four training tools, each a different weight, to help refine swings and enhance batting with our "swoosh" sound feedback system.
  • Mine Baseball Trucker Hat: A stylish, ventilated, and adjustable snapback to keep athletes cool, focused, and looking sharp on and off the field.
  • Professional Grade for the Aspiring Pro: Our youth bats are finished with the same high-quality standards as our pro models, ensuring young hitters are training with the best to develop a pro mindset.
  • 6-Month Warranty: Durability and savings combined—our premium beechwood bats outlast metal and composite bats, making the switch a smart, long-term investment.
  • Why Wait for Power?: Our RBI Pro Swing tools are not just about practice; they're about instant improvements, immediate power, and an accelerated path to becoming the next big name in baseball.

Maximize Your Training. Maximize Your Potential:

The Future Star Combo is more than just equipment—it's a statement. It's a commitment to quality, to development, and to the pursuit of excellence. Choose this combo, and you choose a professional approach to nurturing young talent, backed by Mine Baseball's promise of quality and performance.



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  • We offer a 30-day return policy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, initiate a return within 30 days to receive a full refund.
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  • All products must be returned without cracks to be eligible for a refund.

Thank you for choosing Mine Baseball for your swing training needs. We're confident that the RBI Pro Swing will make a significant difference in your game!

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Less Breaks, More Power
Pro-Grade Beechwood
Leveraging the same high-grade Beechwood used in our pro line, expect exceptional durability and superior energy transfer to the ball. Welcome to next-level performance.
Comfort Meets Power
Proprietary Soft-Touch Grip
Featuring a proprietary soft-touch grip, our bats are designed to minimize vibrations from mis-hits. Embrace the power of wood bats, while enjoying a superior hand feel.
Artistry in Action
Exclusive Custom Designs
Stand out with our custom paint designs, exclusive to this line. Mastered through an 80-year old family painting process, these bats are flawlessly finished and perform as beautifully as they look.
Son Prefers it to His Metal Bat
My 12 year old is loving this bat. He's driving it farther than his composite USA bat and prefers it to all of his metal bats. He has tried other wood bats, but this one is definitely different.
Nathan R.
Coolest Youth Bat Ever
This is legit the coolest wood bat I have ever seen, from the paint job to the grip on the handle, the guys at Mine Baseball have done an amazing job.
Ryan R.
Unreal Pop for a Youth Bat
My son absolutely loves this bat. The grip on the handle is unreal as well. The look, feel and pop of the bat has now made this his favorite wood bat. 2 thumbs up!!
Mark C.
Empower Young Stars: Unleash untapped potential with unbeatable durability and power - Let every swing announce your arrival.
Pro Beech MineBaseball Bat
Competitor Brands
Unmatched Beechwood Performance
All Bats use Pro-Grade Wood
Built-In Soft Touch Grip
Free Shipping & Returns
Earn Cash-Back on Every Order
6 Months
30 Days
3-5 Days
6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? We've got them!
Why Beech?

We truly believe that European Beechwood is the best wood to make baseball bats out of. Beech has the best combination of density, dent resistance, bending strength, and stiffness of all wood species - including Maple, Birch, and Ash. In summary, it combines the density benefits of Maple with the stiffness qualities of Birch which results in a bat that can keep up with faster swing speeds and leave the bat hotter than you'll get from any other wood species. We have the option of using any wood species we like, but choose European Beechwood every time.

What Makes Your Bats Special?

1. Our bats are crafted exclusively from European Beech, which boasts the best combination of durability, energy transfer, and sweet spot among all woods, as confirmed by independent lab studies.

2. We use "Pro-Grade" billets for all bats, maintaining pro-level quality standards regardless of the bat type.

3. Our industry-leading 6-month bat break warranty boosts your confidence at the plate and ensures a replacement if needed.

4. State-of-the-art technology and robotics, including multiple 5-axis lathes, ensure precise and high-quality manufacturing.

5. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering free shipping and returns if you're not satisfied with your bat's look or feel.

Does Beech Get Hotter With Use?

Beech, Birch, and Maple are diffuse-porous wood species (or closed grain woods). With use, their grains condense and harden, making the bat denser, harder, and less prone to breaks.

European Beech also gets hotter with use, similar to Birch. As you use the bat, you'll notice the grains/striations, which indicate grain compression.

Compressed grains result in a higher density bat, allowing the ball to travel further when hit.

Do you Offer a Bat Break Warranty?


We're proud to provide an industry-leading 6-month warranty on all bat breaks.

No other company crafting single-piece wood bats offers a warranty like Mine Baseball.

If your bat breaks, email with:

1. Photos of the broken bat (close-up of the break and barrel from all four sides).

2. A brief description of the break's circumstances.

3. Your order number.

4. Whether you want the same bat as a replacement.

5. If the replacement bat should be shipped to the same address.

Once we receive this information, we'll promptly send you a replacement.

Our warranty covers one bat break.

Can I Customize My Bat?

Currently, we do not offer any customization to our bats apart from adding an engraving.

We maintain strict standards and criteria for crafting our bats, and altering any aspect (knob, taper, barrel, cup) would result in a different bat turn than the one we've perfected. We've dedicated hundreds of hours to testing and optimizing the performance of each bat model.

Our belief is that we have created the best version of every bat model we offer, and allowing customization would reduce our control over the quality of the bat produced.

How Fast Does My Order Ship Out?

Our in-stock bats ship swiftly, aiming to be delivered within 3-5 business days!

If a bat is not in stock, you might see a "pre-order" option. When selecting this option, an estimated ship date will be provided next to the pre-order choice.


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The Future Star Combo

The Future Star Combo

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